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KJ Superstar Help

Common Issues

KJ Superstar is designed for the advanced features of web2.0 and HTML5. As a result KJ Superstar works best with the current versions of web browsers. If you are experiencing trouble we suggest downloading and installing the latest version of your favorite browser. We prefer Chrome and FireFox.

Login and Registration

Use the login button ant the top left of the KJ Superstar screen to bring up the login menu box. If you already have an account enter your user name and password and the click let me in.

If you do not have an account click on the register button in the login box and proceed with the registration process. You will be required to respond to the verification email before you can log into KJ Superstar.

Finding a Song

From the main KJ Superstar page click on the Sing menu button. You will be taken to a listing of all of the songs you have to chose from. All you have to do is double click on a song to bring up the player and begin singing. To search for a song in the database you can type the song name or partial song name in the field labled Title ant the top of the song list and then click Search.

To search for an Artist in the database you can type the name of the artist or partial name of the artists in the Artist field at the top of the song list and then click Search.

If you happen to know the disk number ad track number of the song you are looking for you can type in into the URL field at the top of the song list in the format of “disk number”-”track number.”

To clear the parameters of a previous search and see the entire database use the clear button ant the top of the song list.

NOTE: You must click the search button after entering your search parameters, Enter will not work.

Singing a Song

When you find the ant to sing simply click the song in the song list and the player window will open. If there is a start button you will need to click the star button otherwise the song will start automaticly. You may then use the pause and play buttons to control play back.

To return to the song list simply click the read x in the upper right hand corner of the player window.